Day 3

Woke up to a cold morning.  Sleeping bag was wet.  Shoes wet from the day before.  Put baggies over my feet and socks over the baggies to keep dry.  Rode about 25 miles, was climbing over Washington Pass and started to have "fantom shifting".  The gears would not go into the small chain ring which is necessary for long and steep passes.  (I did have the bike thoroughly checked out before I left Denver.)  Difficult to pedal uphill when you can't get it into the right gear :(  I lost a screw in my pedal clip, so I couldn't clip in.  Decided to walk, stuck out my thumb, several cars went by, walked about a mile, and then 2 young men right out of high school stopped to help.  Their names were Wesley and Ian.  Wesley is going to West Point and Ian is going to study pre-med at Seattle University.  

Wesley has a proud military history as his great-grandfather was a pilot in WWII.  His great-grandfather was a prisoner of war in Stalag Luft III at the same time the famous Great Escape occurred.  He escaped and made it to safety unlike other soldiers that were recaptured.  This story became the movie "The Great Escape".   I greatly appreciated them giving me a ride to Methow Cycles in Winthrop. I got rolling again and decided to stay in Twisp.  There is another pass called Loop to Loop coming up tomorrow.  As I was driving through town I asked a gentleman if there were any camp grounds nearby.  He said I could camp in a field next to his house.  I was grateful for his hospitality.  After no cell/internet service for over 24 hours, my family was happy to hear from me.  For those who love to look at maps, like my father-in-law, Harry L. Wilson, I will be traveling on SR 20 through all of Washington.  The journey is always about the people you meet.  Everyone has a story.  Thanks for your prayers and support.  Thanks be to God.


Today's route: Rainy Pass to Twisp, WA