Day 4

Rode about 48 miles to Omak over Loop to Loop Pass, which was long. It was good to be out of the rain and to dry out.  The highlight of the ride so far was staying at the home of John and Jenny Freeze.  They live on a farm in Omak.  They grow cherries, apples and pears.  I learned alot about growing cherries.  They allowed me to stay in their guesthouse.  I was able to get a warm shower, wash some clothes, and have a delicious dinner. John's mom and dad, Bonnie and Paul, were also there.  Bonnie baked me a loaf of bread, and gave me some butter and jelly for morning breakfast, and Paul gave me a $20 bill saying I couldn't buy your dinner tonight so I want to buy your dinner tomorrow. John and Jenny were missionaries through Inner Varsity in China. Their great aunt was a missionary in China and Africa for most of her life.  John and Jenny left the corporate world in Seattle to run the family farm with Paul's help. They have three well mannered young children.  I had a great time with them.  They were so generous.

Today's Route: Twisp, WA to Omak, WA