Day 6

Rode about 79 miles to Gillette Lake. Made the trek over Sherman pass. It was beautiful and very cold!  Rolled into Coville around 3:00pm. Decided to stay for mass at 4:00 pm. Contemplated riding to Gillette Lake.  Decided to go for it.

Felt pretty strong after mass. Thought about a line from the movie Hoosiers with Gene Hackman. One of my all time favorite movies because it's about coaches, dads, and sons, as well as second chances and forgiveness. The line I thought about was when Strap got into the game he made several good plays. Coach asked him, "what got into you Strap?" He responded by saying, "It's the Lord, I feel his strength."  I felt it too.  Thinking of Father's Day coming, if you are having a baby boy any time soon, you can't go wrong with the names David, Samson, Paul, John, Peter, and Strap. Who is tougher than those guys?

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Today's Route: Republic, WA to Gillette Lake