Day 10

Rode 95 miles today. A long day in the saddle especially with many hills and that friend of mine named Wind. Beautiful lakes, rivers and of course "big sky".  Thought about many things which I will share later. But I want to take the time and give a shout out to Father Stanislaw Rog, or know as Father Stan.

He is from Poland. He is the Priest at Risen Christ parish in Kalispell. He paid for me to stay in a local hotel tonight. What a kind and merciful act. Thank you Father Stan.

He sounded like a modern day Pope John Paul as he talked about all the outdoor activities he enjoys. He even said that he likes going to the firing range to shoot guns. He couldn't do that back in Poland, he said.

He is aware of the persecution in the Middle East. He talked about the persecution that he saw growing up in Poland. He said he was 20 when the Berlin Wall came down and shared a few stories about that.

He is hoping to go back to World Youth Day, but needs his green card. Please pray that he will get it in time.

Let's end with a quote by Pope John Paul II, "It is unbecoming for a Cardinal to ski badly."

Hope and Mercy,

Today's Route: Libby, MT to Kalispell, MT