Day 11

Took a rest day in Kalispell. Had my bike gears adjusted. Nice downtown.

Ed & Sara Lugo sent me a message through the website asking me what I am doing for meals on the ride.  For breakfast I usually eat several Lara or Bonk or Cliff bars. I might get some fruit and grab a donut.  I usually just eat the top part. I don't need the extra sugar.  Sometimes I will get breakfast at a diner.  I love diners. You gotta love the grease.  For lunch, depending on where I am, I might eat the same bars and fruit.  At dinner I have been eating at some Mexican restaurants. Up north they make the chile rellenos with eggs instead of crispy style. It looks like an omelet, so that way you feel like you're eating breakfast and dinner.  But I try not to spend money on eating out more than twice a day.

I should get going.  I'm going to eat at this grocery store tonight. I need some salad and greens, and maybe some chicken... because mama it's not fried, it's shake and bake! 

Talk to you from Essex, MT tomorrow. Looking forward to being near Glacier Park.

If you have any questions or prayer intentions, please let me know here.
Thanks be to God,