Day 15

Rode 92 miles to Malta, MT.  Enjoyable ride.  Many historical landmarks.  One about early day outlaws such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was especially intriguing.  Stayed at the childhood home of Matt and Bart Pugh. Lee Ann and Bart work together at Daniels Fund.  When Bart found out I was riding through Malta, he arranged a place for me to stay, so I was taken care of by Matt and his wife Jean, and son Bryan.  Bart and Matt's mom, Mrs. Pugh, was visiting friends in another town, but she graciously opened her home to me.  Matt and Jean were hospitable and generous hosts.  Matt served 20 years in the Air Force as flight crew manager and is retiring in August.  We met with Pastor Kent and his wife Sue for dinner.  They both had careers in the Army and were also teachers.  Kent is now a pastor and he told everyone at his Bible jamboree meeting what I was doing.  The Canadians were very interested (the Canadian border is only 30 miles away!).  I left the next day after a delicious Philippine breakfast.  Matt surprised me with a bag of bison jerky from St. Ignatius, MT.  Manna from heaven...anything from St. Ignatius must be good. He also gave me a can of mosquito spray and said I would need it 10 miles up the road and boy was he right!  I was thankful to have a place to stay and the opportunity to meet nice people.

Several people I would like to remember in prayer today:

  • Past Colorado Senator Bill Armstrong, who is now the President at Colorado Christian University as he is battling cancer.  He is a very good man.  He spent alot of time in DC.  
  • Seth DeMoor's dad broke his neck a couple of weeks ago.  He isn't paralyzed (Praise God!), but needless to say, he has a long recovery ahead.  Seth runs the company One Billion Stories and he came out to Washington at the beginning of this ride to do a story about what I'm doing.

  • Shannon Garcia's father has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  The Garcias are family friends of ours.

I'm keeping you all in prayer!  Please pray for them too.

Hope and Mercy,

Today's Route: Havre, MT to Malta, MT