Day 16

Road 62 miles to Glasgow.  I stayed with Dan and Joyce Miller.  Thank you Jim Thomas for contacting your cousin and making arrangements for me to stay with them.  And again, like my other stays or visits with people, I was again shown great mercy by having a place to stay, taken out to dinner and having a breakfast the next day.  Thank you very much Dan and Joyce for your hospitality and generosity. 

Dan has worked for the city cemetery for 23 years. He is a hard-working man. Joyce is skilled in many ways. She is a singer, song writer, farmer, and a home builder. She built the home that they live in now. I stayed in the lodge next to the home and slept on top of a buffalo skin for the first time. They are salt of the earth people.  Their relationship with God is very important to them as they both have worked through past difficulties.

Thanks again, Dan and Joyce,



Today's Route: Malta, MT to Glasgow, MT