Day 18

Rode 93 miles to Glendive, MT.  The wind was horrific.  Stayed with Fr. Francis, pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church.  He became a priest at the age of 40 after working in the oil fields.  He was gracious and merciful towards me, made me dinner, and we had a good conversation.  Thank you Fr. Francis!

Met two people who were traveling to Washington State from Maine, Sue and John.  They started their bike trip in May.  I stopped at a convenience store in Circle, MT, and a man named David Quan stopped me and asked about my trip.  I then met his brother, Steven, who has gone across the US 3 times.  On his last trip, he was 69 years old.  He made all 3 trips after being diagnosed with Parkinsons.  It was nice to meet them and talk with them.

That's all for now.  Thanks for reading.



Today's Route: Wolf Point, MT to Glendive, MT