Day 26

Rode 95 miles to Superior, Wisconsin.  I had a tremendous tailwind for about 50 miles.  It was like catching a good wave and riding it out. I wonder how the wind effects surfers?  Those are the kind of things that you ponder on a long ride.  I will have to ask my friend Anthony "Tony" Lilles, a three time California state surfing champion.  I was hoping to see more of Duluth, but there is only one bridge that a bicyclist has to ride over.  The route takes you through several neighborhoods to get to the bridge.  Camped at an RV campground. Spoke to an interesting man named Mr. Cooper.  He is 80 years old, but is quite active.  Years ago he rode across the USA.  He still rides his bike today. 

On Thursday night I set up my tent at this hotel/campground. When I checked in Tami Fett told me that I could come to the office area if it started to rain. It started to rain very hard. I made my way there and minutes later her husband Randy came in and said I could sleep in one of their cabins.  I thanked them for their generosity. I spoke to Randy for a while and had nice conversation with him.  If you are stopping in Hill City, MN, stay at the Blue Moon Resort.

Have a good Saturday. Take advantage of your opportunity to attend Church this weekend. You will feel better for giving that hour to God.

Anthony Lilles - Beginning to Pray

Thanks for reading. On to Ashland, WI.
Hope and Mercy,

Today's Route: Hill City, MN to Superior, WI