Day 27

Rode 75 miles to Ashland, WI.  A nice ride with roller coaster hills. It's amazing to me how big Lake Superior is.  Lake superior is the largest of the Great Lakes, considered largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area, the world's third largest freshwater lake by volume, and largest by volume in North America.  Lake superior provides a route in the Great Lakes Water Way for transportation of iron ore and grain and other-mined and manufactured materials.  

Went by Our Lady of Lake Catholic Church in Ashland.  I met Father Paul and asked him if I could camp at the church.  He was interested in my ride so he invited me to his house. He also took me out to dinner. Prior to that I had looked at a hotel but they were booked. I rode down to this camp ground, but they would not allow tents, only RV's!  So he took me in and gave me a meal.  Father Paul is quite the conversationalist. He had many stories being a Franciscan priest as well as when he worked in the corporate world.  I was so thankful for his act of mercy and generosity toward me.  He and one other priest from India have to tend to five different churches in the surrounding areas. I was thankful for the opportunity to meet him.  His church also had the Holy doors.

Hope and Mercy,


Today's Route: Superior, WI to Ashland, WI