Day 29

Rode 58 miles to Rhinelander WI. It was a very nice ride. Again the landscape was filled with green forest areas with numerous lakes on the route. Most of this area is called the Northwoods. I was able to take some time and meet many people that asked me where I was riding to. After riding a short distance a man yelled over to me and said, "I want to talk to you."  He was out exercising with his wife.  He was curious to know where I was going.  I was able to explain my reasons for the journey.  After he listened he said, "so, it's the least you could do?"  I paused for a minute and said, that's a nice way of putting that.  His name is Scott and his wife's name is Ruth.

Another man that was camping with his family also came over and was asking me questions about the Journey.  He asked me for the name of the website.  He said he wanted to keep track of me to see if I would make it.  His name is Troy.

I explained the story to some men and their sons who were launching their boat.  They asked me If I was retired to be able to do this.  They also asked where I worked.  When I explained that I worked in the ED at Children's Hospital, they said were retired firemen from Chicago and "we know the ED well."  I said, "and I know you well."

A cup of coffee sounded good, so I stopped at a nice coffee shop in Lake Tomahawk.  While there, a man named Jake came up and started asking me questions about the ride.  Come to find out that he was from Lake Palmer, CO.  After high school he went up to Boulder for school and has been a Marine for the last twelve years.  He said he just came back from the Middle East.  He said his brother-in-law is dating a girl from Syria.  Her uncle was shot dead in Syria as he mowed the lawn.  It was nice to talk with Jake. As I left I prayed for his continued safety and well being.

There were other people that I talked to today that were excited about the journey. I appreciated their encouragement.

Tonight I am staying with Bill and Rita Dobbins. Lee Ann called a church in Rhinelander to see if I could stay there. The priest wasn't in today, but Rita was and she agreed to have me stay at their house.  They live on the lake.  It's really pretty here.  They have been so gracious to me and allowed me to wash my clothes.  They gave me a tour of the property and Rita and Bill cooked a wonderful home cook meal.  Rita comes from a family of 13 kids. Wow!  Again, I have been shown mercy during this Year of Mercy.

A few more days and I will be in Green Bay.  The Packers were the first team I ever rooted for. The likes of Bart Starr, Paul Hornung, Forrest Gregg. And no, Aaron Rodgers is not my bother by another mother.  My daughters wish he was though.

Have a good day. Keep showing those acts of mercy.


Today's Route: Mercer, WI to Rhinelander, WI