Day 31

Hello everyone,

Today marks 30 days on the road and over 2,000 miles ridden.  I want to thank everyone who has prayed for me, thought about me and offered up good cheer.  Thank you for the donations.  I really appreciate that.  Thank you to my wife Lee Ann for her support and Matt Tynan for his daily word of encouragement and good humor.

Moving right along as I rode from Bowler to Green Bay about 65 miles.  For the first time the heat and humidity hit me.  I certainly don't have that Arizona blood left in me anymore. It was hot!

Nice ride seeing the countryside.   On the way into Green Bay I met a doctor who was riding his bike. He rode with me to my destination.  Come to find out he is a pediatrician.  He has a brother-in-law in Fort Collins who he is going to visit tomorrow.  His name is Tom.  I took a picture of him but it didn't turn out.  It was good talking to him.  When he was younger he rode his bike across the USA. 

Tonight I am staying with Donna and Jim Freund. They are friends of Barb Watry from my church, St. Vincent de Paul in Denver.  I am glad to be with them and appreciate Barb making the connection. They are taking me to eat at a restaurant at Lambeau field where the packers play.  How cool is that? We went to dinner along with their friends Bob and Josie.  It was really neat to see the stadium.  I like the fact that they have not changed the name because some big corporation bought the rights to put their name on it.  That was made possible by the people of Green Bay.  Jim and Donna have treated me well. I am grateful for their generosity.  I enjoyed spending time with them.

Tomorrow I take the ferry across Lake Michigan to Ludington, MI.  I am excited about this.  I will then make my way across MI to lower Canada. More to come.

I had a great time in WI. Good memories there. Beautiful country.  Finally had cheese curds. They were great because they were fried.  Hope to try some plain ones tomorrow.

Talk to you soon.
Hope and Mercy,

Today's Route: Bowler, WI to Green Bay, WI