Day 32

Hello everyone - Rode a quick 45 miles from Green Bay to Manitwoc to take SS Badger Ferry to Ludington, MI.  Rode the county roads there and 15 miles of a small gravel pathway which was nice.  Since my bike is made of steel and has bigger tires it handled it well.  I saw only two other cyclists, so it was rather quiet.  The Badger is longer than a football field.  It can carry 600 passengers, 180vehicles, including buses, trucks and motorcycles.  I waved goodbye to the great state of Wisconsin and ferried over to Michigan.  Good memories in Wisconsin.

Ludington is a tourist town.  Nice downtown area, lots of recreational things to do.  In fact, I was going to take a rest day, but all the hotel rooms were booked full.  I would like to thank Father Wayne and Amy from St. Simon Church for putting me up in a hotel in Ludington.  Thank you for your generosity.

Received many emails from the staff at Children's Hospital Colorado yesterday.  Thanks for your encouraging words.  Keep up the good work.

Looking forward to riding through Michigan.

Today's Route: Green Bay, WI to Ludington, MI