Day 34

Left Reed City and rode 94 miles to Midland. 45 miles of that was the nicest ride on this journey. Rode the rails to trails pathway named after, you guessed it, Father Pere Marquette. This was a paved bike path where railroad tracks use to be.  It passed through many small towns, like trains of the past.  Was able to enjoy a coke and can of Pringles on the way. 

Met 18 year old Caleb on the way as I stopped at McDonald's for a coffee. I carried on a conversation with him, asking if he played sports.  He said no and told me he runs trap lines.  Not knowing what he meant, he explained that he sets out traps and traps animals.  Now, I'm an animal lover but I found his story interesting.  He traps coons, coyotes, beavers, otters, skunks and the gray fox.  Then he sells the hides.  He went on to say that this is regulated by the county.  He explained that he has a fur harvester license.  Caleb said that if it wasn't for trapping, he would be involved in drugs at his school.  As I said goodbye and rode about a mile, there were two kids smoking marijuana on the bike trail. 

I rode on to Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish in Midland for mass. They are celebrating 100 years of their church.  The church was out in the country.  Father Joe Griffin is the pastor.  He is a gifted speaker and gave a good homily.  After the mass he invited me to stay at his house.  I was grateful for his invitation.

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Today's Route: Reed City, MI to Midland, MI