Day 35

This morning Fr. Joe Griffith said a prayer for me before I left.  As I headed out I thought to myself what a genuine man he is.  Like most of the Europeans, he stood on his front side walk waving goodbye until I was out of site. 

Only  20 miles away was my next stop, Bay City.  They were having the Festival of Tall Ships. That was pretty neat.  There are lots of pretty churches in Bay City.  As I was leaving, I stopped at Jack's Bike Shop and had my rear tire put on the front and front on the rear (tire rotation!).  With the heavy load the back tire was wearing out.  I also had a new chain put on.  The bike is good to go thanks to the excellent work of Dakota, who rode his bike across the USA last year.   As I left Bay City I only had about 30 miles to go.  However, the wind was not my friend as it was a real "beat down".  I didn't know you could ride a bike in slow motion.  I made it to this Bavarian town called Frankenmuth.  It is a pleasant tourist town. 

Thanks for reading.

Today's Route: Midland, MI to Frankenmuth, MI