Day 37

Hello everyone - Left Frankenmuth after a day of rest and healing.  About 20 miles into the ride, I started hearing a clicking noise in the rear hub of the bike.  Even with bike trouble, I still traveled 80 miles and thankfully the wind was at my back.  Prior to this trouble, I received an email (below) from Anthony Sloan who is in Michigan visiting his family.  Anthony was a teacher at our parish school, St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School, for 6 years and now he and his wife have a calling to be FOCUS missionaries.  His first assignment is at a university in Boise, ID starting August 6.  If you'd like to contact him, his email is  Here is his email:

Hello Skip, 

I do not know whether you will get this email in time or not, but upon reading your blog tonight I just realized that you are a very close distance to where I am presently staying - in my parent's home in Michigan. 

I traveled back here this week to spend some time seeking to share my FOCUS mission and to fundraise in the town I grew up in - Grosse Pointe Woods, MI. 

I am not certain whether you will be tailoring your journey based on where you can stay each night, but if that is the case I want you to know you are welcome to come to our home and spend the night here with my family. We would be honored to have you stay here in a warm bed and to help you along your journey being well rested and well fed. 

I believe it is God's providence that led me to be here in Michigan just around the time that you are biking past the region near my hometown and I would be very blessed to be able to share your witness to my family. 

There are a great many middle eastern people in this area of Michigan, so I know that your story would touch the lives of many people who are from Lebanon and the middle east. 

If there is any chance you will be able to come here let me know - you can reach me via text on my cell phone. - Anthony

When I saw his email, I smiled and thought I wouldn't need to take him up on his offer because Grosse Pointe was about 40 miles away from my destination.  But 3 hours later I was calling him to pick me up and take me to a bike shop in Grosse Pointe.  I was about 30 miles outside of Grosse Pointe.  I knew I needed to get the bike into a shop asap.  Fortunately, the shop I called could check it out right away.  It needed some bearings replaced.  So 2 hours later, it was done and we were on our way to Anthony's house for a fabulous Lebanese dinner.  Anthony's family was having a dinner party with friends.  I am a blessed guy!  The dinner was the best!  His mom was born in Lebanon.  How interesting that I'm doing this ride to help Christians who have fled to Lebanon, and this woman from Lebanon was helping me.  Anthony was gracious to come pick me up. I enjoyed meeting him, his family, and their friends.  Talk about God's providence!

Tomorrow I make my way into Canada and will travel north.

Please keep me in your prayers.  As you can see from the events of this day, they are helping me be safe and cared for. God is good!


Some more information on the persecution of Christians around the world from the Open Doors Report



Today's Route: Frankenmuth, MI to GrossE PointE, MI