Day 20

Rode 48 miles today to Hebron, ND.  Hebron is small community a couple of miles off of Hwy 94. A special thanks to Pastor Ron Hudson at Calvary Chapel for providing a room at LaQuinta Inn and to Fr. Todd Kreitinger, pastor of St. Patrick Catholic Church, for the meal at Country Kitchen in Dickinson.  I really appreciate their generosity.

Continue to pray for my physical health and well-being. 

I was able to attend mass tonight in Hebron at St. Anne's.    I hope you take advantage of your religious freedom on this Independence Day weekend and go to your place of worship tomorrow.

Here's an example of a young man being challenged to appreciate his religious freedom in America.

From Nick:  Mr. Rodgers, you're doing something in your late 50's that I could never even come close to doing now. You inspire me to take action and do whatever I can in the little time we have here on earth. If you can ride across the country I'm sure I am capable of going to mass every Sunday. There's no doubt you're going to go through some tough times riding, whether it's physically, mentally, or emotionally. I'll be praying for you to keep going, to keep turning those gears no matter what is in front of you. You're the man Mr. Rodgers and I really mean that. From the time I've spent talking to you you've had an impact on my life. You're a man's man, and I only hope I can achieve that characteristic in my life. I'll be praying for you every day. You're doing an amazing thing for those people you do not have the religious freedoms that we do. Good luck and God bless!!

Ride on Hope and Mercy,


Today's Route: Dickinson, ND to Hebron, ND