Day 38

Good morning!  Left Grosse Pointe this morning.  Anthony gave me a ride to Marine City since it was out of the way.  I enjoyed the time with him.  I learned what the terms in the military "on the thumb" meant.  Have somebody from Michigan explain it to you if you're not sure.  I really enjoyed Michigan, but glad to be riding on.  Have missed my family and friends.  Thank you so much to all of you that have emailed me or have prayed and thought about me.   I really appreciate it!   

Sailed across a ferry from Marine City to Sombra, Ontario Canada. That took about 10 minutes.  Rode about 80 miles to St. Thomas, Canada.  I can say it now... had my first flat tire, and of course it was the back tire.  Yes, I have been so fortunate not to have more flats considering some of the things that I have run over.

This part of Canada reminds me of the lush, green forests and farm land of MN, WI and MI.  Lots of small towns and farms. The cost of everything is definitely more expensive here. 

Lee Ann called several churches asking if I could stay with them overnight.  She connected with Lynne, Office Administrator, and Pastor Stephen Brown from Faith Church in St. Thomas and they are putting me up in a motel.  Pastor Brown came by and we had a nice conversation.  He met his wife Ruth in London England 25 years ago and have been together ever since.  He is from Ireland and has been in Canada since meeting his wife.  Again I am so thankful for their act of generosity and for Gods graces in my life. 

Traveling to Cayuga tomorrow and Niagara Falls on Friday. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.


Ride for Hope and Mercy has shown up on New Advent's website.  Check it out here:

Today's Route: Grosse Pointe, MI to St. Thomas, Ontario