Day 40

Hello everyone,

Left Cayuga this morning.  Since I was staying at the Carousel Bed & Breakfast, Bernadine provided a breakfast of pancakes and sausage.  It was fantastic!  During breakfast she explained that her church adopted a family from Syria. They will provide the family with a home and other basic necessities.  It sounds like the Canadian government is trying to help the refugees in an organized manner.  I said goodbye to her and started riding towards Niagara on the Lake, Canada.  On the way there I met some nice people. I feel like the people in Canada have been very friendly and warm.

On Thursday I went to a burger place and lost the key to my bike lock.  Not sure how I pulled that one off.  But two younger girls were there with their family and started looking for it.  I explained to them the reason for the ride. (Please read the email from their dad below).  Never found the key.  Luckily a gentleman had a pair of bolt cutters and was able to cut the cable to my bike.

Stopped off at a small bakery name Fenwick Pie Company where a nice lady was making pies.  She gave me a tart.  It was tasty.  There were many farms and towns along the route into Niagara on the Lake.  I rode 79 miles.  It was nice and hot with lots of humidity.  I will explain more in the next post.

Thanks for reading.

Hope and Mercy,


Message from Greg:

Hi Skip,
My family and I met you in the Back 40 restaurant in Cayuga. We had the two daughters who were looking for your key. The kids wanted to say thanks again for the token you gave them. They really appreciated it.  My one daughter is saving it and is going to write a story about this experience for school.
It was good to meet you, good luck in your travels and be safe,

Today's Route: Cayuga, Ontario to Niagara Falls, Ontario