Day 45

Hello good people,

Left Pulaski this morning and rode 49 miles to Boonville NY.  I said goodbye to Debra and Clark.  They are driving to Boston and will fly back to Fort Worth, Texas.  It was hard to say goodbye to them.  It was so enjoyable to have them here, supporting the ride as well as the mission.  I appreciate their generosity towards me the last three days.  

We stayed at the Woodlawn B&B last night.  It is run by Steve and Joanna.  They were fantastic hosts last night and this morning.  This morning Steve made up some over-the-top pancakes and sent me off with some peanut butter sandwiches and a jug of gatorade. 

Today was a pretty nice ride.  Lots of hills that are getting me ready for the Adirondacks and Maine mountains.  It's the humidity that has been getting to me.  But it's all good.  Mostly back country roads today.  Very few cars on the ride.

Since I am riding through New York today, I figured I would share a quote from Cardinal Dolan on the persecution in the Middle East:

From Cardinal Dolan in the National Catholic Register
Of course, we need them for our roots. When I was with my brother bishops and priests, I said we feel like babies. I come from the Archdiocese of New York, which is 208 years old. I said, “Your ancestors in the faith probably were there at that first Pentecost in Jerusalem.” St. Thomas himself came to them. They have their liturgy, their chants and their sacred texts. We met one bishop who had to flee Mosul, and he had just 20 minutes to gather up these ancient manuscripts — now, the memory of the faith — and he would cry as he told us, “I couldn’t get many; I just had to keep grabbing and grabbing and putting them into a sack; and that’s all I took: just some of the manuscripts and the sacred books and vessels.”

These are our roots, and we see them displaced, see them threatened and see them wondering about their very survival. Now, we know that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, but we also know that they never stop trying. And that’s what these people are going through. … They are really martyrs to the faith; they are martyrs to love, because they want to forgive, and they are helping each other so much.

I anticipate being in Bar Harbor by Saturday August 6th.  Getting ever so close.

As always, thanks for reading and keep passing on the message. 

Hope and Mercy,

Today's Route: Pulaski, NY to Boonville, NY