Day 47

Hello everyone,

I trust that everyone is doing well.  Left Blue Mountain Lake today and rode about 55 miles to Brant Lake NY.  My last night in NY. Met some interesting guys this morning during breakfast.  I spoke mainly with Al and Paul.  Talking about the area around Brant Lake, Al gave me a little history of the lakes, rivers and logging that took place in that area.  This started in the early 1800's.  They transported logs by the rivers, especially the Hudson River.  The logs ended up in cities like Glens Falls, Albany, and New York City.  By the twentieth century the river couldn't complete with the trucking business.  The last log drive occurred in 1950.  He also told me about the Adirondacks that I've been riding through, commenting that they are bigger than the state of Massachusetts. There is much to say about these mountains and the other products that were produced by the timber business, but we are short on time for this post.

It was again a nice ride along this area of the Adirondacks.  Many beautiful lakes, rivers and lush forest areas.  I met up with Matt Jones in Brant Lake who is the pastor of the local Baptist church.  Lee Ann spoke with Matt and he worked it out for me to stay with Doris and Jack.  Before leaving for their house we had a nice conversation about the ministry and spirituality.  Matt is joyful and committed to his work.  His wife is Jessie and she is a really nice person.  Her dad was the pastor of that same church before she was born.  Doris and Jack eagerly volunteered to have me stay with them.  They have a son named Karl who is 29.  He is over in South Africa working as a missionary for several weeks.  He was an avid cyclist and has won many awards for cycling.  Last year during a ride a young person pulled out in front of him when he was riding downhill.  He could not stop and when they crashed, Karl was paralyzed from the legs down.  Later on, I stopped at a local bike, brewery, and food shop.  The guys there knew I was staying with Jack and Doris and they commented on Karl and said that he is the best guy you will ever meet.  He sounds like he is very positive and well liked.  I got a little teary eyed listening to his story.  His mom has made many beautiful sacrifices for him.  That's the comfort and power of a mom's love for her son.  Please say some prayers for his recovery.

I am thankful for being able to stay here tonight.  Doris made a delicious meal.  My mother-in-law is named Doris too.  I knew I was in good hands. 

I look forward to writing to you from the road tomorrow. Going off course a little to Rutland, Vermont. We will see how it goes.  I'm ahead of schedule and will hopefully make it to Bar Harbor by August 6 instead of August 9.

Hope and mercy,

Today's Route: Blue Mountain Lake, NY to Brant Lake, NY