Day 23

In Fargo tonight.  Staying with Dan and Lida Deutsch.  My good friends, Rich and Janet Deutsch, arranged for me to stay with them.  Dan and Rich are brothers in a family of nine siblings.  Their mom and dad were definitely doing the Lord's work :)  This is a very nice and gracious couple.  Again, like many others, they have shown me mercy and generosity.  I am grateful for a place to sleep and a few meals.  And thank you Deutsch families for your monetary contributions towards me and my expenses.

Dan gave me a tour of part of the Red River Valley in Fargo.  This region is known as the flattest part of the earth.  It's devoid of mountains and bedrock exposures.  I appreciated Dan giving me a tour of the city.  Fargo has a very intimate downtown area.  We swung by St. Mary's Cathedral where they also have the Jubilee Year of Mercy Holy Doors.  This is a beautiful church.  For Denver people, Archbishop Sam Aquila was here prior to coming to Denver.  He was significantly involved in the building of the stand alone adoration chapel at St. Mary's.  It's the nicest adoration chapel I've ever seen.

Hope and Mercy


Today's Route: Jamestown, ND to Fargo, ND