Day 24

Rode 73 miles. Enjoyed the the state of North Dakota.  Nice people.  Moved onto Minnesota today.  Rode from Fargo to Park Rapids. Started early as Dan dropped me out of town to start the journey to Park Rapids, Minnesota.  About 10 miles into Minnesota I noticed a lot of lush green farmland.  20 miles into the trip the farmland became like a green forest and then again more farmland and green forest again.  An enjoyable ride.  The wind was my friend today.  Nice and still.  Tonight I am staying with Don and Yovonne Goodmanson and their grandson, Toby.  World-renowned children's psychiatrist, Amy Donahue, made the connection for me to stay with them.  Thank you Amy!  It was a pleasure driving to their house as it put me on some back roads out of Park Rapids. They have a lake front home. It is a beautiful home and property. There faith is very important to them. When I asked Toby questions about himself he said he was a missionary in Niger with his parents. He works with young people. He takes his faith seriously, but like most kids, he enjoys sports and spending time with his friends in Niger. Quite refreshing! Yovonne made me a home cooked meal and desert. It was delicious! I appreciated their hospitality and graciousness by taking a stranger into their home. After dinner we went for a relaxing boat ride on the lake. Dan invited me to his men's group tomorrow, which I will go to and leave right after to Hill City. I will look for a campground tomorrow. Thanks for reading. You are in my prayers.  I don't know if I will see this family ever again, but I know that I will always have nice memories of this visit. 

In the words of Eric Liddell, "Those who love God never meet for the last time".  Eric Liddell was the gold medal winner in the 400 meters,1924 Paris Olympic Games, missionary to China, and died at age 43 in an internment camp in China.

Today's Route: Fargo, ND to Park Rapids, MN