Day 48

Dear friends,

Left early this morning from Doris and Jack's house after a hearty breakfast from Doris.  It hit the spot!  Pastor Matt gave me a ride to his church.  There I rode about 74 miles to Rutland, VT where I am staying at a Rodeway Inn thanks to Doug & Olivia Elliott.  He tried to find a place with a friend, but when that didn't work out he set me up here.

The ride started out with a long pass.  This Colorado kid could handle it just fine.  It was just all the Vermont rolling hills that I thought, okay this is good, I'm fine, but I'm ready for some flatland.  Met some nice people on the way.  Two ladies from Montreal were doing some touring.  I met Herbert who was on the ferry with me over to Vermont.  I told him what I was doing and he paid my way over to Vermont saying, "it's the least I could do."  I was moved by that simple $2.00 act.  But I had heard that phrase before. It's kind of become my motto as well as "offer it up."  As I was struggling with these hills, I would yell out, "IT'S THE LEAST I COULD DO!"

Met some young people from a summer camp program called Overland.  It is based in Massachusetts.  They were on a two week trip.  I had an audience of 15, so I told them what I was doing.  I thought I heard some blonde haired kid say, "that's huge" as I rode off.

Rode through a lot of history today.  Fort Ticonderoga for instance. 

I'm getting close to the finish. Struggling with a few aliments. I want to thank Mike and Dr. Mark G. for getting me a prescription. 

I hope you will be able to make it to your place of worship on Sunday.  Again, we can do that freely without the risk of injury or death.  Thanks for reading and praying for me. I need it. 

Today's Route: Brant Lake, NY to Rutland, VT