Day 49


I trust everyone is doing well.  Woke up this morning to rain.  It rained for a good part of the day, but it was such a beautiful ride that it didn't seem to matter.  Kept my raincoat on for most of the day as it was also cold. Made it over a big pass early on which got the blood flowing. There is something about the Vermont countryside that is so different than all the other states. Thick, dense, and green trees. 

Made it to Hanover, NH where I stayed the night in the Saint Denis Catholic Church rectory.  I was greeted by Father Brian Mulcahy.  He gave me a tour of the house and was very hospitable and charitable.  He is a Dominican priest.  He lives at another rectory, so I said goodnight to him. 

This is the home of Dartmouth College. Lovely old buildings. It has a nice price tag of $69,500/year.  I stopped and talked to several students.  Met twins who had graduated from there.  I hope their mom or dad has a good job.  Met a really nice young lady named Sydney. She was not aware of the persecution in the Middle East.  She laughed about the students living a sheltered life at Dartmouth.

Another priest arrived later to the home. His name is Father Samy. He is from Pakistan and is 45 years old.  He has been a priest for 16 years and has lived here for 8 years.  He invited me to an Indian dinner that he was cooking.  I accepted his offer and had a great talk with him.  Being from Pakistan he knows a thing or two about persecution.  In 2001, he was wounded by a bullet from an angry gunman. The man shot him because he was a priest. There is so much that I could say about our conversation.  It was interesting and insightful.  He said people from Pakistan take their faith seriously; there is no "B" option.  I knew what he meant.  They are a poor, but joyful people.  He humbly said that people here think about there lives too much.  There is too much depression and anxiety here, he said. People need that deep sense of joy.

Christopher Craig, great job training for the ride. I'm sorry that it didn't work out for you to join me at the end. I am proud of your hard work. Tell your dad that you want to do Ride the Rockies with him next year.

Only 275 miles left, God willing.

Have a good day.

After thinking about my time in Dartmouth and with Fr. Samuel, I wanted to bring this article to your attention...6 Courageous Modern-Day Martyrs You Need To Know

Today's Route: Rutland, VT to Hanover, NH