Day 50

Hello everybody,

Rode into Lincoln, NH today.  As always, my wonderful wife Lee Ann was on the phone trying to find a place for me to stay.  She was given the name of a Pastor named Marcus Corey from Loon Mountain Ministry.  She called me back and said that I would be staying with Marcus and Heidi Corey and that this guy is "personality plus."  He immediately called and left a message and said that I would be staying with him and that he was excited to meet me and hear my story. 

Once I got in to town he met me at McDonalds.  He rode his bike and we rode to his house.  Lee Ann was right, he was friendly, extroverted and filled with joy.  If you have ever met Brother Peter Francis from the Servants of Christ Jesus, they could be brothers in personality and humor. 

He and his lovely wife cooked up a great meal.  They have three kids that are well mannered.  Another young man named Nathan is living with them.  He is an intern at Marcus' church.  They have had a young man from France living with them this summer.  He is going back to France, so they were also having people over for ice cream.  I came at the right time!  Marcus explained my story to the group too. 

As I went to bed I was reminded of the goodness and kindness of people.  I was grateful that Marcus and Heidi said yes to Lee Ann. 

Tomorrow I ride into Maine; my last state.  Marcus told me that he is going to ride up to the top of the pass with me in the morning.

Hope and Mercy in these final days,

Today's Route: Hanover, NH to Lincoln, NH