Day 51

I trust everyone is doing well.  I left with Marcus today after a great breakfast of blueberry pancakes and bacon.  It hit the spot. Rode to the top of Kancamagus pass.  Had a great time talking to Marcus about a lot of subjects. I appreciated that he took the time to ride with me.  He loves the outdoors and is a Mountain Chaplain and Local Pastor.  What strikes me about Marcus is his joy.  I am interested in joyful people and how they find that attitude or how joy is a part of their lives.  He said from an early age his parents conveyed that to him by how they lived their lives.  They were a good example to him.  He is full of life and passion. 

In closing, one of his mottos is to make Jesus as famous as he can by expressing and living out love, faith, kindness, generosity, and joy of course.  Never quite thought of it that way.

About 170 miles to go. Thanks be to God.

Today's Route: Lincoln, NH to Bridgeton, ME