Day 52

Left Bridgton, ME, this morning.  It's a nice little town.  Had a nice chat with Kyle who has lived in the area for 36 years.   Made my way to Brunswick.  Rode for 51 miles.  Google maps put me on the backroad switch with all kinds of rolling hills.  I think I might be done with most of the hills.  Beautiful countryside with families on the lakes and a few farms.  Minimal traffic which made it very pleasant.  

Rode into town and ended up at Bowdoin College.  Gorgeous school.   A few facts that I learned about the school besides it's 60,000 a year price tag is it was established in 1802.  The college honors James Bowdoin III.  President Joshua L. Chamberlain (class of 1852) of Bowdoin was a respected man.  He was a theologian, scholar, soldier, and spoke 8 different languages.  He was at the battle of Gettysburg.  He also became Governor of Maine.

Now here's some impressive stats for you.  From 1820-1829, the 260 graduates may have been the most illustrious of any American college in any ten year period.  Among them were to become 49 clergyman, 22 teachers, 106 lawyers, 35 physicians, 6 US senators, a secretary of the Treasury and Franklin Pierce, the 14th president of the United States. 

Talk to you tomorrow. Getting so close,

Today's Route: Bridgton, ME to Brunswick, ME