Day 54

Dear friends,

Hard to believe that I only have one more day left, God willing.  I'm excited that I will soon be home to see my family and all of you.  Thank you for being on this journey with me.  I am sincere in saying it is because of your prayers, thoughts and well wishes that I am only a few pedal strokes away from the finish.

Tonight I am staying with Sister Kathleen and Anna in Stockton Springs.  They are in the order of Sisters of the Cure' of Ars, named after St. John Vianney.  Their main mission is to pray for priests, deacons, and seminarians, as well as praying for an increase in priestly and religious vocations.  They also work with elderly and young people.

Both sisters are from NY.  Sister Kathleen has been an educator and principle for 46 years.  Sister Anna was an RN for 28 years. These ladies are very down to earth and personable.  They cooked up a delicious meal and we talked for hours.  I told them that with all the silence and reflection that I had while on the bike that felt I needed to make a final list of things I needed to work on as a father and husband.  They said something that was so freeing to me -  to simply forget about the list.  Just let God be God in you.  Maybe work on one thing for the next year.  Sounds good to me.  I'm going with that advice.

As this Journey comes to an end, in a way the Journey is beginning. I have several interviews to do when I get back home.  I'm excited for the message to continue on.

Thanks for reading and talk to you tomorrow.

Hope and Mercy,