Day 57

Hello everyone,

Frank gave me a ride to the airport in Bangor today.  I appreciated him going out of the way to do that.  While waiting in the airport, I spent time returningemails of gratitude to people who donated.  Hope to be caught up with that soon and some time reflecting on the ride.

I'm still in Detroit as of this writing.  Delta had some computer problems today so my flight to Denver was cancelled.  Not a big deal at all compared to what the Christians in the Middle East have gone through. 

I would like to leave you with a prayer that I copied from Father Samuel's fridge. He is the Priest from Pakistan and has seen much persecution.  It addresses mostly the Christians in the Middle East, but let us remember all Christians, faiths and religious minority's that are being persecuted across the world.

Thanks for reading and possibly talk to you tomorrow. 

Thanks be to God,


Father Samuel's prayer:

I pray that the Christians of the Middle East will know the close presence of Jesus, the guidance of the Spirit and the protection of the Father...

That those who remain in Iraq or Syria will not be subjected to violent or unjust treatment...

That those in settlement camps will not lose hope...

That humanitarian assistance will reach all who are in need, and...

That Christians throughout Iraq, Syria, Middle East, and all countries where there is persecution, know the peace and presence of Jesus each day, and will remain faithful to Him and clear in their testimony.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen